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Become A Bartender Everyone Likes – 4 Keys

Everyone remembers their favorite drink pourer, leaving you wondering how you can become a bartender everyone likes. After all, the favorite bartender usually makes the big bucks. However, It takes some particular qualities to be of the best.


Luckily, everything is learn-able. If you may want to become a bartender, take notice to these 5 traits of a great one:


1.      Extremely Personable


Probably not a shocker, bartending requires strong social skills. A great bartender loves to be around people from all walks of life, and is comfortable taking the lead in any conversation.


To become a bartender everyone likes, it can be as simple as holding meaningful conversations.

2. Great Memory


To become a bartender, one must memorize the recipes for hundreds of different types of drinks. But that’s not what makes a great one.


A great bartender remembers the drinks of their customers, asking if they want a refill of [specific drink] before being asked to do so. By remembering what the customer ordered before hand, the bartender creates a sense of camaraderie.


The customer feels special that their drink preference has been remembered, often leaving the bartender with a nice tip.


3. Comfortable Under Pressure


Most bartenders, at some point in their serving career, will be under a great deal of pressure when working. Customers will be swarmed around the bar, and it will be their job to serve quickly and efficiently while maintaining good customer service.


A good bartender not only gets through these pressure situations, but thrives in it. You must be a great multi-tacker and sharp thinker to become a bartender that the customers come back.


The rush is what makes or break an elite bartender. As the saying goes, diamonds are made under pressure.


4. Continually Improving the Craft


A great bartender doesn’t only serve the “classics,” but can also serve a wide variety of drinks. It’s those drinks that no one has ever seen or heard of that makes the experience with the bartender fun and memorable.


To become a bartender that serves these types of signature drinks, practice is required. Like any craft, it must be worked on and perfected through time and effort.


If you can make your bar experience stand out from the rest, it will likely keep customers coming back and tipping big. Time spent working on your craft is far from wasted, and is sure to work out in your favor.


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Becoming a Bartender in 2 Weeks

Becoming a Bartender – The Process

Becoming a bartender is now simpler than ever. With local bartending schools growing in popularity, many people are taking advantage of this lucrative job choice. There are, however, some rights of passage one must take before becoming a professional drink-pourer.

Here’s the process of becoming a bartender:


Meet the Basic Requirements

If you are becoming a bartender, you must be a minimum of 21 years of age. It is California state law that bartenders meet this age requirement prior to landing a job in the field.


Complete Bartending School

Bartending classes vary in length, cost, duration, etc. They all, however, teach students to prepare hundreds of different drinks, shots and garnishes. From the go-to classics, to the obscure drink requests, students leave bartending school with a wide-rang of knowledge that will have them prepared to serve just about anything.


Attending bartending school is the most modern and efficient way of becoming an employed bartender. Students learn quickly, efficiently, and are ready to work as a bartender within weeks.


The traditional process of landing a high-paying bartending job has always been through a job as a waiter/waitress or barback. Through this method, staff would spend months or years within an organization in hopes that they could move up the ranks into a bartending position.


Though both methods prove effective, attending classes has become the streamlined means to becoming a certified bartender quickly.


Get Practice

Whether attending a bartending school or working your way up through a restaurant staff, practice is necessary. There’s a lot of hand-eye-coordination and repetition required to be able to poor multiple drinks a minute, and practice is the only way to reach this level of competency.


As most bartenders can attest to, it takes some work to get to a professional level—though worth it.


Find Work

Once you’re a certified/trained bartender, getting work is the easy part. Whether a restaurant, bar, club, hotel, casino or music venue, numerous establishments need your service.


Another great way to find work as a new bartender is through an event staffing company. Here, you will be found work within a range of events, including weddings, corporate parties, etc. Working events is a great way to hone in on your skills as a bartender, while getting exposed to a number of different venues.


Enjoy Becoming a Bartender

Though there’s a specific process to becoming a bartender, have fun with it! Enjoy learning a new craft that will surely pay off in the long run. Have fun working with and for people, work hard, and you’ll go a long way.


Cheers to becoming a bartender!


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Bartender Certification

California bartender certification

California Bartending Certification

National Bartender serves most of California and offers bartending certification and guaranteed jobs for all our students. Because of our extensive bartender training course and certification programs, classes and on the job training opportunities, our students are often snapped up by hospitality businesses throughout California.

Our Certification

Our bartender certification is a valuable asset. National Bartender schools are recognized statewide within the bartending industry.  Our graduates are highly desirable because of the hands-on training we provide and the fact that students are extensively trained.  The first jobs students get offered are provided by the schools’ job placement programs allowing them to learn, earn and make bartending a career.

Do I Need Bartending Certification?

Knowledge is power. Getting yourself situated within the bartending industry requires training, jobs and connections. Our bartending schools located throughout Southern California offer graduates extensive training, immediate jobs and access to bartender career options.

A Bartending Certification Is Not Necessary

A Bartending Certification Is not needed but having a recognizable Bartending Certification from National Bartenders is extreme advantage when seeking  job opportunities. Many businesses seeking bartenders appreciate hiring those with as much experience as possible. They generally do not have the time or need to teach newly hired staff job basics.

Having a bartender school certification from a National Bartender School tells potential employers that you have the qualifications needed to perform the job and it will often result in getting hired above those with no experience or training.

If you are seriously seeking work as a professional bartender or looking for part-time work bartending, sign-up and take the bartending certification program we offer. Get the most recognized bartender certification training offered in California.

Bartender Tools

Los angeles bartenders bartending tools

Bartending Tools and Why You Need Them

Not all bartending jobs are created equal. For example, at a wine bar you would use a wine key frequently but potentially never touch a bar blade. The opposite could be true if you work at an establishment that focuses primarily on craft beer.

Whether you are a tending bar at a dive, at a club, or want to impress friends at home with your mixology skills, you need to master some tools. While the equipment that you need to use may vary by job, the best bartenders are prepared to use every tool in their kit to provide the best experience possible for their patrons.

Bar blade

Don’t worry, you won’t hurt yourself. It’s not as dangerous as it sounds, they’re not sharp, relax. Every bartender should own and learn how to open a bottle of beer with this tool. Place the blade underneath the bottle cap, push down, and voila, an open beer.

Bar Towels

If you haven’t learned it yet, it may be important to develop the skill of cleaning up after yourself. Every bartender should have two bar towels on them. One to clean up any spills and one for drying glassware. If you don’t know how to use a towel, watch an instructional YouTube video.

Wine Keys

You’re a bartender, you should know how to “unlock” a bottle with a wine key. While there are different styles, you don’t need to break the bank on a quality wine key. Just find something that is sturdy. To open a bottle of wine; open the bar blade, pull down the corkscrew so that the key looks like a capital “T”, then twist the corkscrew firmly into the cork. Once you have done this, fold one side down to rest on top of the rim of the wine bottle, then pull up on the other side to pull out the cork.

Shaker Tins

Shaker tins are used for countless different types of drinks and the art of shaking it should be mastered by every bartender. There are different styles of tins in varying sizes. Some bartenders will use a tin combined with a Collins glass, while others will opt to use a second, smaller tin. While a smaller tin may be more ideal because it will help cool drinks quicker, it also has the added benefit of not being made out of glass. Whichever you choose, it is important that the smaller glass/tin fits snugly into the larger tin so that no liquid escapes when shaking vigorously.

Hawthorne Strainer

After shaking or stirring a drink, place a Hawthorne strainer on top and pour into the desired glass. The strainer keeps all of the ice from being transferred to the final drink, leaving it cool and preventing it from being watered down. Just one thing, place your finger on the designated area towards the top of the strainer so that the liquid from the bottom does not touch you. The customers have no idea where your fingers have been and don’t want your dirty paws in their drinks.

Mixing Glass

Stronger cocktails cannot be shaken in a tin because it can bruise the drink, so they are put into a mixing glass and stirred with a bar spoon instead. While you do specifically not need a mixing glass to make cocktails, it could be helpful if you work at a bar that specializes in them. Otherwise, you could mix in a Collins glass.


While many bartenders use a “free pour,” which is a method of counting the seconds that they are pouring to pour a certain amount of alcohol and/or mixers. It is inaccurate and, while you can get away with it many times, you will not be able to do so if you want to make great craft cocktails. Craft Cocktails require precision and using a jigger can provide that. A jigger has a top and bottom that have different measurements. You can get jiggers in a wide range of sizes but you will generally see 1 ounce/ 2 ounce combinations. Some of the best jiggers have lips on the top that allow easier pouring and may have lines on the interior of them marking, for example, ½ ounce, ¾ ounce, etc. Just remember to fill the jigger all the way to the top, craft cocktails are expensive and it is best to be precise.

Speed Pourers

Placed in the top of a bottle of alcohol, the best speed pourers are metal and take some time to perfect the pouring technique. Place your hand on the neck of the bottle, swinging it upside down quickly before pouring.

Paring Knife

Unfortunately, drinks will not garnish themselves. The best thing to do is to show up early for your shift, pull out the cutting board, and use your paring knife to cut lemons, limes, etc. so that you will be prepared when you need them.


You probably don’t know how tedious it is to peel an orange or a lemon until you need to garnish a drink with a peel. Slowly peel down and away from your body and don’t hold the fruit against your shirt, the customers don’t want to see their drinks being getting extra zest from the lint on your clothes.


You could spark a lighter underneath a lemon or lime peel that is about to garnish a drink to unlock an aroma. Also, a lot of drinkers smoke, so you’ll have one to loan out. Any small deed can lead to increased customer satisfaction and an increase in tips.

While there are many tools that a bartender could use, these are the most basic that one would need to master to become a great mixologist. Practice and perfect using these tools and you will maximize your potential as a bartender.




Event Bartending Jobs Great Source of Income

Event Bartendingparttime bartending jobs los angeles staffing

It can be overwhelming, spending countless hours filling out applications for jobs that you don’t really want, but you need. You make compromises, putting your dream career on hold. You feel as if you need to settle, getting a job that doesn’t offer advancement opportunities.

Just to make ends meet.

You are great with people and maybe you have worked in hospitality before. You could have worked the front desk at a hotel, waited on tables at a busy restaurant, or have worked at a dive bar.

Maybe you have never worked in a bar or a restaurant but your office job, or other career, is driving you crazy. You would love to bartend but you don’t have much, if any experience.

Does having flexibility with your schedule, working in an electric environment, making great pay, and also having an opportunity to build a new career sound appealing to you?

Have you considered event bartending?


Is the freedom of picking and choosing your shifts based on your availability important to your career?

Would you like to take a break from applying to jobs that you have no interest in having and start focusing on what you actually care about?

You could finally finish your demo reel, write that screenplay, or start focusing on your entrepreneurial dreams. Think about all of the things that you could accomplish if you had the flexibility that you need.

Fun Environment

Are you sick of being cooped up in a poorly lit office from 9-5, where you are expected to keep your head down, be quiet, and focus just on your work? If you are looking for the exact opposite, event bartending is for you!

Switch cramped cubicles with scenic outdoor venues, the watercooler for the coolest clubs, or board meetings for the most exclusive bars in town. You rarely work in the same place so you can avoid the dreaded mindless routine.

Instead of silently drowning in paperwork, and painfully waiting for your shift to end, you could focus on making great drinks for patrons and keeping a smile on your face while you listen to great music.


Maybe you are used to showing up to work every day, working as hard as you can without it going noticed or appreciated. Maybe you work in an office or construction, but it does not really matter. You put your heart and soul into your work but it is not rewarded.

Normally, servers at restaurants and bartenders at dive bars make an almost criminally low hourly rate and are forced to rely almost entirely on tips. There will always be slow days, especially if the establishment you work at struggles to get people in the door.

Working as an event bartender, you will make a solid hourly rate, so all of the tips that you earn are just icing on the cake. When people are out, having a great time, they love to fork over extra money for outstanding service. Muddle a perfect Mojito, impress a guest, and they will definitely get up off of their wallet.

Career Potential

While part-time work may be best for some, are you just simply looking to start a career as a craft mixologist? Have you tried applying for jobs but you do not have enough experience or you have moved to an area and you do not have enough connections to find work at a quality establishment?

As an event bartender, you will have the opportunity to work with the largest catering companies as well as the most elite venues, clubs, hotels, and bars. Many great bartenders are able to find permanent work by impressing management staff with their hard work, delicious cocktails, and their excellent customer service. Event bartending will give you the opportunity to prove your skills to the people who are hiring for the best jobs. It offers a chance to start a fun career that offers tremendous advancement opportunities, instead of relying on a boring 9-5 that undervalues your time and effort.

Becoming a Certified Mixologist

What if you are not state certified or you do not have any experience bartending but you would love to learn?

NBS offers an intensive bartending course with many locations across Los Angeles. Instructors have years of experience in the industry and can offer valuable insight into making the most delicious drinks in the most efficient way. Upon completing classes and passing a written test, you would have the opportunity to work at the hottest clubs and bars in the country.

What if you need work ASAP but you’re not certified?

NBS offers bar-backing and serving positions as well. Courses are offered 6 days a week and can be completed at any time, allowing you to train to become a craft mixologist on your own schedule.

Replace Your 9-5

Event bartending is your future if you want more flexibility, are looking to work in a lively environment, with good pay and opportunities for great tips. It can help you start your next career, whether it is bartending or following your passion.

Looking to staff an event and hire bartenders, servers and hospitality personnel? Click here to review National Bartender Staffing

National Bartender Schools

Should I go to bartending school?











To be honest, I don’t know if you should go to bartending school.  Maybe you shouldn’t!

If you feel this is a profession that involves drinking  on the job,  showing up late,  being surly with customers,  I’d probably argue that this might not be for you!  Perhaps your talents are better suited working as….  Online blogger?  Or maybe working for  the DMV?

There have been people I’ve turned away from bartending school,  that said, there have been thousands of people I’ve brought in to learn bartending and become a bartender.

Motives range;  Some people  wanted to learn bartending for themselves and  for small get togethers.  Some people are looking for part-time work as while in school, or weekend shifts to enhance their regular income.   Some people need a change.

I have met with dozens of people that were unemployed, out of money, and in the middle of their roughest patch In their lives and whose lives improved drastically in a matter of weeks. Getting certified bought them  a solid living,  flexible hours, and a job they love.


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