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My experience was great. The instructors were very nice and patient. The course was organized into sections that made it easy to follow and study.”

Kristen V. – Lakewood Graduate

“I had a great experience with the school. I thought the statff was professional as well as entertaining. I had a great time and leanred so much from the experience it was worth the time and money that I put into it.”

Michelle D. – Lakewood Graduate

“This has been an awesome experience for me. I am leaving behind a long standing career and am excited to get into a bartending career. I don’t think any other school or set of instructors (especially Jason) could have kept me so motivated.”

Becky J. – Lakewood Graduate

“From the first phone call to graduating, NBS made my whole experience fun, insightful and worthwhile. The instructors are very down-to-earth and you don’t even realize you’re learning until you’ve passed the course. Going to NBS was an awesome experience and they truly treat everyone like family.”

Kelly H. – Lakewood Graduate

“Bartending school literally changed my life! I love the money I make as a bartender, and I wish I had done this years ago. This is the most fun I have ever had at work.”

– D. White (bartending school graduate)

“National Bartenders School has ALWAYS delivered us quality bartenders. Whatever they teach at their schools creates QUALITY bartenders.”

Robert T. Manager – Julio’s Restaurants

“Originally I decided to go to bartending school to be more popular at parties – I know that sounds silly, but it’s TRUE! I saw the people who made the drinks were the center of attention. What I found was that I could finally quit working as a mechanic and start schmoozing for a living – What a rush!”

– Robert W. (bartending school graduate)

“National Bartenders School is great for those with no previous experience. It is also great for those who have only bartended in other countries. I came here from the UK, and the school was invaluable in teaching me the differences in drinks and service.”

– Martin C.

“When thinking back on my experience with National Bartender School, Tony, the classroom instructor comes to mind immediately. He treated me very well, and had a great class room presence. He established this rhythm that made the class fun and time passed by quickly. Another person who comes to mind was Carson, the school director. When I sat down to talk to him about enrolling, he answered all my questions and made me feel comfortable.

The training was based off of both a syllabus and off of the instructor’s real world knowledge. I like this mix of academics. We were also given plenty of time to work with the bottles and glassware both during class sessions and in between sessions when the wells were free to use.

I was fortunate enough to have friends who brought me to bartend at TGI Friday’s in Buena Park CA, right out of bartending school. I have been on the job placement program’s job lead email list that comes out twice a week for the last year, as I am always looking for new opportunities to bartend. The Job Placement staff is very good at communicating and working with graduates as long as the graduate communicates and works with the placement staff. They are an excellent resource that the school provides, and they provide their services for life after graduating from the school. I don’t regret the decision to go with National.”

– Peter – Working @ TGI Friday’s Buena Park

“I had so much fun when I attended National Bartenders School. The school, staff and instructors were so great and knowledgeable. I learned so much about liquors, wines and spirits. I would recommend National Bartenders School to anyone who was thinking about becoming a bartender”

– Tippy Thompson – (Nokia Theatre – Los Angeles, CA)

“The small investment of my time and money for the school allowed me to pursue a career that has offered me an income that is many times greater than the investment.  It was very worth it, and I would do it all over again.  I have recommended NBS to many people, and I know that some of those that I’ve mentioned it to, have actually signed up.  The staff was very friendly and helpful.  My classmates were as eager to learn as I was, and it made the classes fun, interactive, and before I knew it, the class was over!  The job placement person is doing an excellent job finding job opportunities that I have not been able to find on my own.  It is an invaluable part of the entire experience at NBS, and is the main reason I signed up at NBS, as opposed to another school.  At the end of the day, NBS offered to have a longer term investment/interest in me than any other school, and that’s what I was most interested in.”

– Deborah Jones

“Hi James, Firstly, my apologies for the late reply – I have been out of the country for a while visiting family.  I also want to thank you for your diligent efforts – you are without question, the most efficient job placement manager that National Bartenders has had.  I have found my training at National Bartenders invaluable.  After graduating a few years ago, I started working at the Westin Century Plaza Hotel (now the Hyatt Regency) on the Ave of the Stars in Century City through the placement assistance.  Since then I have been fortunate enough to secure a job at the Galley in Santa Monica, Arclight Hollywood and now at La Dolce Vita in Beverly Hills as a result of my training.  As my current job is part time, I will be looking for more part time work to supplement my income and would like to continue receiving job placement news.  Thank you again for the continued assistance and Happy New Year!!”

– Kira Carella – (5 star Hotel – Beverly Hills, CA)

“The school was a lot better than I thought it would be in many ways. The teachers are really entertaining, the job placement is consistent and the classes are great with endless time to practice behind the bar.”

– Sarah Smedhin

“National Bartenders School is great! The Job Placement is great!”

– Peter Madrigal

“The staff at NBS is the finest because they really care about making sure you learn the art of mixology, and they train people to kick butt at work.”

– Gabriel P. – Hollywod, CA

“I’m happily working at Riordan’s Tavern in Downtown Los Angeles. It’s still so great to have your job postings, though, as they keep me informed on all the hottest new jobs around town, so I can stay on top of my options.

Lastly, I just have to say that I owe so much to Andrew, a true mixologist instructor who knew how to make real artistic sense of mixing drinks, rather than just spouting ingredients and recipes.  Thanks so much!”

– Richard Wayland – (Riordan’s Tavern – Downtown Los Angeles, CA)

“I had a great 2 weeks there.  The instructors were great and made it easy to remember all the different drinks with clever acronyms.  I especially love getting the job placement emails twice a week.”

– Mariel Villavicencio

“This is Fiorella and i attended bartending school this past year at the Wilshire location…I’m just writing back to say that your e-mails have helped A LOT and please don’t delete me from the list! I’ve been working for over six months at the Sunset Plaza and I am happy were I am, but you never know when I’m gonna need a change. I have you guys in my resume and it has helped me a lot too! Please keep in touch!”

–Fiorella Vascovi

“I think ur doing a phenomenal job and appreciate the constant reminders.”

– Ryan Sweeny

“I attended the school on wilshire and i found the course to be very well taught and i learned a lot of useful information. As for you, your doing a great job with the job placement emails.”

– Wesley Fulgencio

“Everyone that I met from the staff was very friendly.  The training staff was great! They really taught me a lot.”

– Rhea Rhilloraza

“Hi James, I liked the school very much. It was the best $400 i ever spent. I got all that money back the first 2 nights of working and have been able to pull in consistent pay ever since. The staff at NBS is excellent. My instructor for the course was very insightful and taught me many things I would not know or even learn in the job place otherwise. Job placement for NBS is also very helpful. The listings sent out every week help you get out there and find the job that you’re looking for.”

– Daniel Lee (Woo Lae Oak – Beverly Hills, CA)

“I think N.B.S is great. My teacher Andrew gave me more knowledge than I bargained for. And the job placement is very help full.”

– David Leher
“Just got my computer back today, so, as requested, here is my current resume along with several headshots (the two you already have, plus a simulated current one).  As for my current job, I’m bartending part-time at a job which entails both serving drinks from behind the bar and waiting tables (including both food & drink orders) out on the floor simultaneously…all with a smile, of course!  Both behind the bar and in the kitchen we use the Micros POS system, so I conduct cash, credit, and room charge transactions in addition to preparing and serving both bar food, restaurant food, and beverages.  As well, I’m in charge of independently opening, closing, and maintaining the bar facility (cleaning, re-stocking, keeping inventory, placing bar requisition orders, turning everything on/off, locking up, performing a cash drop, etc.).

Anyway, as you already know, I’d love to remain on the job leads list.  So far the leads have been super helpful, but not as great as your personal advice in pursuing employment.  Tips such as never mentioning the position for which you’re applying when you first walk in the door, for example, are things that I never would have known on my own but which have helped me present myself in an assertive but professional way.  The NBS training was great, but without your guidance I never would have ‘gotten off the ground,’ so thanks again for all your help.

As for my current job search, I’m taking it pretty easy for the time being, both because the start of this semester has been super chaotic and because I figure that it’d be good to get at least a couple months of experience at the current place in order to gain maximal credibility/comfort before taking the next (BIG) step up.  However, I’ve noticed a handful of pretty stellar leads in the past couple emails, so I may soon reconsider. ”

– Zach M. – 

“The National Bartending School of Los Angeles is fantastic! The atmosphere is so welcoming and inspiring it makes you want to work hard at becoming a great bartender. The people that work there are awesome and the job placement after you graduate is wonderful too. I still go in there and practice from time to time 2 years after graduating. I would highly recommend this school to anybody who is interested in bartending.”

– Dale Effren

“Hi James,  I have nothing but good things to say about you and the school. I not only leaned how to make really good drinks but my teacher gave me a lot of good info on how to get jobs.  I think you are doing a great job as far as leads. I like that you always add extra info about the kind of people that might fit a certain place. I find that very helpful. I would be more than happy to give a testimonial for your website .”

– Erica Gonzalez

“I would like to continue to receive job leads.  I graduated years ago after a very positive experience while attending the bartending school.  I am currently seeking employment and your job leads are the first and almost only place I need to go in order to find the perfect job. You are not only doing an excellent job in training but an equally incredible job as a support system for alumni of the school.”

– Don Kaslov

“Let me begin with a big Happy New Year to National Bartenders School! I received great referrals from NBS in the past and even landed my first gig at a great little bar in Long Beach thanks to the job placement program @ NBS. Thanks to the curriculum @ NBS I landed an awesome job @ Xenii as a Bartender, so I just want to say thank you guys………..u ROCK! James Hendrix you are doing a wonderful job, and I look forward to my national bartenders e-mail twice a week, so keep up the good work. I have a part-time wardrobe job right now, and I am currently looking for a bartending gig, and I find your bi-weekly leads a life-saver. ”

– Katrina A.

“hey James,  just to make sure that you are sending you are talking to the right person, i’m Jose Deleon not Daniel.jaja.. responding to your email here is my OK. you can use my quotes if you like… regarding comments about the staff and training, i think everyone is great, Greg was my instructor and he was very helpfull, and answered all our questions. the job placement director, yourself, has been very professional, and great at updating us with new job leads every week.. thank you.”

– Jose De Leon

“I have to say that the L.A. National Bartenders school has has some great staff that took in my resume even though I was from another NBS and have helped me out since then. I appreciate the notices that we get TWICE a week to help us in our job search. =) it would be o.k. to put my first name, but not my last name and secondly attached is my updated resume and picture.”

– Deisy

“As far as the school goes, Andrew Willett is AMAZING.  He truly is an assett to the Hollywood NBS.  He is so knowledgable and really gives you a feel for how drinks SHOULD be done properly even if we get a job that wants us to make drinks “cheap and slutty” with sour mix. So I give him 5 stars! And I always appreciate your emails, they are that glimmer of hope in my week.”

– Romney Marino

“Immediately after graduating I had several job offers to choose from. These past 2 weeks really changed my life! Come see me at the Grand Prix!”

– Erica (bartending school graduate)

“I compared quite a few bartending schools before choosing National Bartenders and have to admit, I am very pleased with my decsion!”

-John F. National Bartender’s Graduate – Los Angeles, California

“Attending the National School of Bartending was a wonderful experience. From the first phone call to the last day, the staff was not only kind and courteous, but very knowledgeable. The instructors have all at one time or another made their living behind the bar, therefore I felt not only did they have a vast knowledge of the industry, they also had first hand knowledge of what it was going to be like beyond the book. There is so much more to being a Bartender than just pouring drinks and that what this school teaches. The school is set up to fit into any schedule one might have, which was very attractive to me since I have a Real Estate and Mortgage business. I was able to maintain my current business while I finished Bartending School in a very timely manner. Their job placement program is like no other. I was working in a fine restaurant, close to my home.