Learn to Bartend Certificate Program

Responsible Beverage Service Training Certificate Program.

If you serve alcohol or employ people who do, more and more of our courts have a message for you. You’ve got to do more to stop intoxicated customers from driving drunk. To help you avoid that risk, and help save lives we offer the Responsible Beverage Service Training Certificate Program via the California ABC (Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control – abc.ca.gov).

National Bartenders Bartending Schools are a huge supporter of the Responsible Beverage Service Training Certificate Program. To get the hottest jobs in the best clubs and restaurants, it is often required that a server or bartender have this or a similar certification. Many places won’t even look at your resume if this type of certification is not on it. (hint: if you have this, put it near the TOP of your resume)

If you employ professionals that serve alcohol, you may contact your local National Bartenders School to have an instructor come to your location to certify your entire staff.

This is just another element of the National Bartenders Bartending Training program that sets us apart from the rest! Call (213) 380-3200 for more details or to reserve your spot in our next class. Classrooms located throughout Southern California.